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Thanks to technology,
Posture PROS can now provide posture assessments
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It’s simple.  Just purchase your Posture Assessment in our store, download the free App, then snap and send your pictures.

Our Posture PROS team is standing by to receive your information and begin your Posture Analysis.  Rest assured, your  images and information are sent via our encrypted HIPAA compliant cloud service that keeps your information protected.

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Give the Gift of GOOD POSTURE!

Now you can easily give the gift of good posture to your Family and Friends with a Posture PROS posture analysis.  It’s so easy to do, simply purchase a Posture Analysis and follow the instructions.  You can snap posture photos of yourself, your spouse, your kids, your siblings, your parents, your grand kids or anyone else you know all using the Posture App on your smart phone.

Yes, it’s REALLY this Easy!

Once you purchase your posture analysis, we will email you the link to download the Posture App along with our secure clinic code and simple instructions.

Once connected, all you need to do is enter the Name, Phone Number, Height, Weight and Date of Birth of the person you are taking pictures of, snap a front and side photo and click Send to Posture PROS.

The information is transmitted via our HIPAA compliant encrypted server to our Posture PROS team and we begin to process the Posture Analysis.

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Whether you want the Posture PROS Posture Analysis by itself, or the complete Posture PROS Analysis & Correctional Exercise program, everyone should have a posture analysis done.

It is NEVER TO LATE TO FEEL BETTER!  Achieving better posture is a gift that your future self will Thank You for.

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