This is a great article from Harvard Health Publishing, “Why good posture matters”.

This message is for EVERYONE!

It is never too early or too late to put effort into improving or maintaining your good posture.  Good posture is important for everyday movement, sports and exercising.  Focus on good balance, core strength, reducing injury and falls.  They share that you can improve your posture with simple exercises and balance specific workouts that can make a noticeable difference in just a few weeks.  I feel that general exercises are good but best results come from having your own personal Posture Analysis with your own Specific Corrective Exercises that are prescribed based on your posture alignment from a detailed Posture Analysis and fitness level assessment.  It will be eye opening to see your starting posture and it will be rewarding to feel the positive changes in your body. Get workingon your posture today, and soon you will be able to compare your starting posture analysis to your new improved posture.

Read the Harvard Health Publishing article here – Why Good Posture Matters

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