Posture & Corrective Exercise Package


Posture Report:  You are purchasing a Posture Report.  This report will consists of 2 views, the front view and right side view. The report will show postural deviations.

  • Front View – Shows Total Shifts and Tilts for Head, Shoulders, Rib Cage and Hips.
  • Right Side View -Shows Total Shifts and Tilts for Head, Shoulders, Hips & Knees.
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Posture Report & Corrective Exercises

Knowing how you “stack up” is the first step to breaking poor postural habits and reducing strain and stress on your body. Our Posture Report consists of two posture images that are analyzed and will show your specific posture points for the Front View and Right Side View along with the report findings.

The posture dots are placed and will indicate head, shoulders, ribcage, hip and knee locations. If there are any deviations the analysis will indicate the measurement amount. The Posture Report will be sent to you by email.

You are purchasing ONE – Posture Report (Screening Only). This consists of 2 images showing the front and Right Side views.

Posture Analysis (Screening Only) Consists of:
(1) Posture Analysis Report featuring both the Front and Right Side views.
Front View and Right Side View Deviations Information showing posture deviations, shift and tilts.

(1) Remote Posture App access
Download the free Remote posture app onto your apple or android device.  Use our secure Clinic Code to connect with our office and you can snap and send your posture images and information via the encrypted HIPAA Compliant system.

Report is for informational purposes only.


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