This is a great article about Back Health and Posture, read it here: Back Health and Posture Article by the Cleveland Clinic.

In addition to posture correcting exercises it is beneficial to be mindful of your daily posture when you are standing, walking, exercising, lifting, sitting, and lying down.  You especially want to remember good posture when you are performing weight-bearing activities.  Less wear and tear on joints and less strain on muscles and ligaments will keep you from having health issues as we age.  I would like to share this article from the Cleveland Clinic “Back Health and Posture”.  It includes instructions and illustrations for correct lifting, driving, sitting, and sleeping positions.

Keep your good posture a priority.  Read the Back Health and Posture Article here.

If you would like to see how you stack up you can order you own computerized Posture Analysis.  Your posture analysis will update you on your misalignments and stress points.