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Power Package


Power Package Includes:

(1) Posture Analysis consisting of both Front and Right Side views.

(1) Remote Posture App access via our secure Clinic Code to send posture screen information via our encrypted HIPAA Compliant system.

(1) Analysis based Corrective Exercise program consisting of up to 10 specific functional exercises customized just for you based on
your Posture Analysis.

(1) 24/7 access to you own secure Exercise Portal for Online / Smart Phone access. View prescribed exercises, view instructional photos and videos and track your exercise progress through to completion.

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The Power Package gives you what you need to understand your current posture situation and corrective exercises to work on strengthening your posture and bring your imbalances into alignment.  Our Posture PROS team will hand plot your Posture Points on the photos you submit and produce your Posture Analysis. Then, Michele will prescribe up to 10 exercises that will specifically address your posture imbalances.  This custom posture report and exercise program are produced specifically for you for only $69.00.


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